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Saturday, September 28, 2013


Like most Eurasians, the Macedonian genomes exhibit a mixture of three major components: European; Eurasian and Mediterranean (Southwest Asian and Northern African).

As people walked “Out of Africa theory”, they were differentiating along the way.

About 45 kya, in the midst of the last ice age, modern humans began arriving in what we now call Europe; they were part of a single founding population that didn’t significantly interbreed with other human populations; but some of them bumped into Neanderthals.

Climate changes froze large part of Europe; scientific data has revealed the existence of refugia in the Balkan, the Iberian, Italian peninsula; in Ukraine. So, how Europe was repopulated?

When the glaciers melted, about 16 kya, Paleolithic people were replaced by anatomically and genetically speaking "new" Macedonian population.

Mesolithic hunter-gatherers were present in Macedonia region just before the first appearance of Neolithic pottery.21

Waves of migrants from Balkan caused large-scale population replacement/extinctions in Europe from the Neolithic onwards.

The Sea of Marmara and Sahara were two other important sources of human reservoirs present during Neolithic.

Then, the second wave of Neolithic migration caused a much stronger impact on the genetic make-up of the European and Yamnaya populations.

A new culture, created by Macedonians appeared in Sardinia ~ 4.000 bc. (Dyson 2007)

Around 3500 bc, the culture (Watrous 1982) and genes of Macedonia (Old Europe) migrated, to the Aegean Sea and to Crete. Macedonians were the origin of the Minoan civilization.

Yamnaya herders were unable to digest milk. These Europeans mysteriously vanished.

Dispersed in the mayor parts of the Mediterranean, the Macedonian Peninsula, Asia Minor and Italy (as Celts 1; 2;), the Macedonians left many traces of their existence from the Early Bronze Age to the classical period, which could not be avoided.

There were no Indo-European invasions, nor Trojan War, nor Dark Age in Mediterranean.

During the later Iron Age, Macedonian Peninsula received an influx of Africans.
What is certain is that when the dark-skinned, Sub Saharan African unnamed tribes met the Macedonians, it was probably like two alien groups meeting on Star Trek.

19th century historians fabricated (aka focused) all the culture in what is now Greece ignoring all the other Mediterranean cultures present in the area long before the classical African (aka Greek) one (1).

Christianity came early to Macedonia, with Paul in the first century AD.
The existence of Jewish people in Macedonia dates back to ancient times.

Romans don’t left their genetic traces in Macedonia, nor in the Middle East.

The Medieval Migration Period was a key period in establishing the current West Eurasian genetic landscape.

There is no genetic evidence that “from the 6th century Slavic tribes had spread over the Balkan provinces of the Roman (aka fake Byzantine) Empire”.

In the 855 ad the brothers Cyril and Methody create the first Slavonic alphabet.

There is no scientific evidence that Macedonia come under the control of the Bulgarians, Romans, Latin Crusaders, Serbs.

It wasn’t until about 1000 years ago that lactose tolerance swept through Europe. Still this mutation could have come from Balkans.

Population dynamics after Muslim (Turkish) invasion of the Balkans, substantially influenced the population structure of Ethnic Macedonia (in areas where is now Albania, Kosovo, Greece etc).

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