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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sub Saharan origin of Greeks

Analyses of ancient DNA, without doubts, show that Balkan (and Europe) was populated by people that give rise to today Macedonians.

so we can conclude that the territory where is now Greece was inhabited by Macedonians. 
That is why the Balkan region includes human populations with high level of Y STR diversity and with a quite similar genetic structure.

The Hidden History of Western Civilization
Before the advent of advanced DNA research; it had been thought by medieval authors that Ρόμα and Ρόμα  largely descended from African / Levantine / Arabian populations.
If Valla (aka Herodotus) found it still black after so much crossbreeding, it must have been basic black at the start.
Then, some "modern era scientists" attributed the late dullness of so called Greeks to mixing with Blacks. But the picture is much more complicated.

Geneticist found that the so called Greeks are not related to the other European and Mediterranean populations.
In addition, sub-Saharan and other Africans were compared with all available Mediterranean groups in order to solve the question of the unique “Greek” genetic profile.

The three main sources of the “Greeks” paternal gene pool were identified as African, Levantine and Asian.


E-V13 haplogroup was introduced into the Greeks 4.8 kya ().

J-M241 haplogroup was introduced into the Greeks 2.9 kya ().

R-L23* haplogroup was introduced into the Greeks  6.9 kya ().

Civilization is not a white invention. Their civilization comes from Egypt and the Middle East by way of Balkan and Rome. The columns, the paper, the science, mathematics etc. all came straight out of Egypt.
“Democracy” in terms of freely elected representatives of a defined polity is seen among various African tribes.

Contrary to the claims of xxxx, a recent papers (analysis of the remains from old European population) detected that clades of haplogroups E3b and J were not part of pre-historic migrations into Europe, but rather spread by later historical movements.

Greek language

Dark Age
The so called Greeks have been known by a number of different names throughout history, because of the medieval joke makers.
The problem is that no consensus exists about either the time that Africans arrived or the direction whence they came.

Theories that there were Greeks in north-west Anatolia during the Middle; Late Bronze Ages or even today seem to be without foundation.

That is why hundred years of research have been wasted trying to find the presence of the unnamed Africans in Levant, Anatolia, Balkan, Crete. But they didn't exist; so called historical migrations were invented by Renaissance authors.

There was no Mycenaean invasion of Crete (056), so the Linear B writing system cannot be associated with the Mycenaean’s.

It is incredible that a people as "intelligent as the Greeks" should have forgotten how to read and write once they had learned how to do so.
For 500 years area where south Greece is now stood silent, in what historians now call the “Greek” Dark Ages.
And then, almost overnight in historical terms, a new dawn broke over areas where south Greece is now. Where did this meteoric rise to prominence come from?
Everybody knows-from Egypt.
That’s wrong. Meteoric rise to prominence come from medieval Florence.

The coming of the African / Levantine unnamed tribes to Macedonian Peninsula
Anyway, when unnamed Ethiopians, Sub Saharan, West African, Levantine tribes came trooping out of Africa ~2x00 (?) years ago, they would have looked very different from their European and Macedonian cousins.
What is certain is that when the dark-skinned Africans and Levantines met the Macedonians, it was probably like two alien groups meeting on Star Trek.

Around 1400 ad Vergerius, a teacher at Florence (although he was not a geneticist) wrote that there was a "old racial rivalry between the Africans and Macedonians". He becomes known as Arrianus.

According to the Lascaris aka Thucydides, the unnamed African tribes were named after the cities they occupied, and that they took names from other peoples, mostly from the Macedonians (aka Pelazgians).

Indeed, Demosthenes broke the 100 m world record. This fact raise question: did he was black? (901)

In 168 BC and 146 BC the Roman Empire conquered Macedonia and Achaia (not Greece) respectively.

Greeks are fictional people in fictional state Greece. Greek (adj.) is from late 14c. Meaning "the Greek language" is from late 14c.
There were no Greeks, not Hellenes, not Romai, not Shqiptars in Romania (Mazaris 1415 ad).
Ρόμα and Ρόμα people were ruled by the Florentines, Venetians, Catalans.

Population dynamics during and after Muslim (Turkish) invasion of the Balkans, substantially influenced the population structure of Ethnic Macedonia (in areas where is now Albania, Kosovo, Greece etc).
It happened in the 1500s as a result of Sultan needing workers in Yunanistan (today Greece). Sultan went all the way to Africa to pick Africans up and set them in the mountains, in growing olives and herding livestock. (Bethwell 1974, Bagley 1997, Campbell 2003)

the growth of the E-V13 in the Greeks started xxx years ago.

Roman Empire never was East, never was Byzantium empire. Byzantium is fabrication created by Bavarian Hieronymus Wolf (1516-1580) when Roman Empire was past.

Did the claim that people can be transformed by "brainwashing" is shown to be a cultural myth is true, as is stated by Spanos 1996?

Nomadic Dorian tribes never came from the North to where a bustling, urbane Macedonian civilization once stood.
Despite nearly 200 years of investigation, the historicity of the Dorian invasion has never been established, so the hapless Dorians stand naked before their creator - or, some would say, inventor.

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