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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sub Saharan origin of Greeks

The Florentines, Venetians, Catalans etc. ruled over Macedonians and Romani in Athens and south of today Greece; they had looked into the faces of the local population.
Indeed, they began to write about ethno genesis of the Romei people.

Since descendants of the Africans themselves were not Nordic looking at all, but swarthy and black haired, they started their stories with Ethiopia. If Valla (aka Herodotus) found it still black after so much crossbreeding, it must have been basic black at the start.

Medieval Romani had no racial neurosis about it. They were a very notable people

Around 1400 ad Vergerius, a teacher at Florence (although he was not a geneticist) wrote that there was a "old racial rivalry between the Africans and Macedonians". He becomes known as Arrianus.

The Y dna hg M78 is found at high frequencies in the sub-Saharan, Bantu-speaking populations, Romani people, so called Greeks and Shqiptars (aa Albanians); it was almost absent in blond Nordic populations.

A much-debated topic is whether the earliest West, Sub Saharan Africans and Levantines of Greece arrived via terrestrial or maritime colonization routes.
Hundred year of research have been wasted trying to find the presence of the ancient Africans in Balkan, Anatolia, Dan. But they didn't exist; they were invented by Renaissance authors.

Greeks themselves were not Nordic looking at all, but swarthy and black haired.
The Nazi race "scientists" tried to attribute this miracle to the Dorian "Nordic" invasion, since Greeks speak an Arian language. They attributed the late dullness of Greeks to mixing with Blacks.
But the picture is much more complicated.

The Greeks themselves thought they came from upper Egypt - Ethiopia. The idea that they should have arrived from the cold North never passed by their minds, as they considered the Northern peoples savage Barbarians.

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