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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Shqiptar Ghegs aka Albanians fake Illirians

Origin of the Shqiptars
Genetically speaking, Shqiptars aka Albanians belong to the Y dna hg`s E, J and R1b.


Ethnogenesis of the Shqiptars

The Shqiptar source populations were at least in part already differentiated before their forced migration to Macedonian Peninsula and Italy.

DNA extracted from the Shqiptars (aka Albanians) reveals that they had, genetically speaking, zero in common with Old European individuals.
Illyrians were coastal people, while Shqiptars (aka Albanians) are mountainous since they lack maritime vocabulary.

The heritage of Ottoman Islam in the Macedonian Peninsula

The coming of the Shqiptars to Macedonian Peninsula and Italy

Albanian speaking populations
The newly arriving Shqiptars groups did not enter an unpopulated space.

This low percentage of these haplogroups in the Shqiptar populations produces some doubts.

The Albanais (in French) are first mentioned in 1612 ad, the word Albanians (in English) (both words means Mountaineers) is known from more recent times.

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