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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Macedonians-Who They Are?

This page is dedicated to the Macedonian civilization.
Those people who are not Macedonians have problems to define what constitutes “Macedonia” presents something of an historical and political problem. We will try to answer all the obscure questions posed by those who aren't Macedonians and all those who have the wrong idea about us. We will try to answer all questions to be consistent research of modern science, of course there are other sources, such as "history" and the Bible, etc and slowly to form a mosaic called Macedonia and Macedonians.

What is a nation?
A nation is a large group of people with strong bonds of identity - an imagined community.
People who are of the same origin and who speak the same words and who live and make friends of each other, who have the same customs and songs and entertainment are what we call a nation, and the place where that people lives is called the people’s country.
Thus the Macedonians also are a nation and the place which is theirs is called Macedonia.

Macedonians do not speak the same words with so called Greeks and Shqiptars aka Albanians; they don`t have same customs and songs and entertainment; they never been friends of each other; Macedonia (also Europe) never was their country.

Bio-geographical mapping of Macedonian populations
Macedonians in RM appear to be closely related to others Macedonian populations; Macedonians in Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria..

Evaluating the evidence for the bio-geographical affinity of Macedonians
The bio-geographical affinities of the Macedonians are unique compared with neighboring Balkan populations.

Haplogroups analyses
The most common Y haplogroups in Macedonians are I;  G; R1a; R1b; E; J.

The most common Y haplogroups in Macedonians dominate the area between the Atlantic Ocean and Nakhodka and Southernmost tip of Africa.
This multi-origin of the Macedonians may be explained by the ....; by the northern expansion of lactose persistence tribes (link),

Ancient DNA analyses
The (Y dna I) Macedonians emerged from Mesolithic people residing in the "Europe", prior to the end of the LGM.

Therefore, the exact ancestry of Macedonians cannot be properly deciphered without ancient DNA from the potential ancestral populations, currently (almost) unavailable.

Reconstruction of Macedonian population history
When combined with genetics, OMIM, anthropological, archaeological, but no to fake historical records, artifacts etc, today scientific findings allow a cautious reconstruction of certain aspects of Macedonian population history.

It is unclear when these Macedonians migrated to the "Europe", as there have been several migrations of Macedonian people into the region throughout the ....., and only some of these have left a detectable DNA hallmark.

Macedonians () belong to the "older" European () and Mediterranean substratum ().

So called Greeks, Shqiptars aka Albanians, Bulgarians are not related with geographically close Macedonians, they do not belong to the "older" European, nor Mediterranean substratum.

So called Greeks and Shqiptars aka Albanians were found to have a substantial relatedness to sub-Saharan (Ethiopian) people, which separate them from other European and Mediterranean groups.

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